Goin', Goin', Gone LoCo


 I have been a Horner (boot camper at Honey Horn) for over a year now and I can honestly say that I feel stronger and more physically capable than I ever have before. I have finally stopped using the number on my scale as a benchmark and I have accomplished fitness goals that I never dreamed I would - like the hundred push-up challenge! Laura is one of the most motivating people I have ever met. She holds us accountable, she pushes and challenges us and it is never, ever dull. No two camps are ever the same and I have never had so much fun working up a sweat in my life. I don’t know what I expected when I went to my first camp, but what I found was a great group of people who love to exercise outside and a wonderfully motivating cheerleader (and taskmaster) in Laura. Most importantly I am healthier, I feel better and exercising regularly is a gift I am giving myself. Thanks Laura for making such hard work so much fun!


I was given an opportunity I couldn't afford not to take. It is amazing how invigorating the class is, (not to mention challenging and at times almost impossible). I can see and feel the results so this 60 year old will continue!


LoCo is the way to go! The gym doesn’t work for me- it is boring, everybody’s looking at you, and it is very easy to quit. But if you have Laura in front of you cheering you on, there is no way you will stop. The other campers are great and it is so inspiring to see them reaching their goals, too. We push each other to limits that we wouldn’t dare dream we could do. We support each other and enjoy the friendly competition. If Courtney can hold plank for three minutes, then you bet I’m going to do it for 3:15! My favorite Laura quote is, "You can do ANYTHING for 10 seconds. " I didn’t believe her at first, but now I use this line on my kids! I'm a mom and it is hard sometimes to take the money from your family, but I need to be little selfish and do something for myself, because a healthy and happy mom equals a happy family! My husband says it’s the best money we’ve ever spent!


 I come to camp because it holds me accountable to do what I know I should do- live healthier. Unfortunately, I’m just not the kind of person that is self motivated enough to push through a tough work out and strive to reach new goals on my own. Now instead of fighting the demon of “this time I’ll stay with it”, I just have one job, SHOW UP. I let you take it from there. Yes it would be cheaper if I just did exercises on my own at home, put on the fitness channel, P90 X, etc. Or go back to the gym. But how much money did I save if I don’t reach any of my goals? Thank you for the motivation, you are changing my life.

Chris & Natalie Hefter

 My husband and I were inspired to go LoCo after a couple of our friends had joined and were seeing such great results. After 4 sessions, we've both lost over 20 pounds - and I've lost 25 inches! While it's certainly nice to lose all those extra pounds (and to fit in the clothes from the back of the closet), what's really been great for me is to see how much stronger I am and, I feel great. LoCo is a fun way to get fit - it's hard work, but believe me, if I can do it, anyone can! Thanks, Laura!


When I signed up for boot camp, I expected a challenging workouts but not only did I get great workouts, but they were also fun! Boot camp is geared so that all levels can participate which is not an easy thing to do with a group of people, but somehow Laura makes it all work. Laura is an awesome motivator and trainer who pushes me when I need it. It is also nice to see that I can keep up with the younger people! Another thing that I didn’t expect was a personalized evaluation and the “Laura” emails which recap the day, give a heads up for the week ahead and give you a boost of confidence to keep at it. Here’s the best part – I lost almost 16 inches after two camps!!! I started boot camp 7 weeks after the birth of my second daughter and I feel great, my clothes are starting to fit again and I have so much more energy. Thanks, Laura!


My bootcamp experience has been awsome! You work, sweat, and most of all laugh, hard. It keeps me active and feeling great. Laura is encouraging however challenging. You'll love her and want to through a 5 pound dumb-bell at her at the same time. Wendy and her class keep me calm, grounded, and feeling flexible. Love you guys, bootcamp had been a great experience, and I hope to continue.


Boot camp is key to my self esteem and confidence. I see progress and results on a daily basis, not only with myself, but with my fellow campers. We all share in each other’s successes and we hold each other accountable. And Laura will hunt me down if I’m MIA for a few days! I enjoy workout out and sweating with my team mates, we have a camaraderie that helps me achieve much more than I thought I was capable of, and I hope I do the same for them. I have lost 30 pounds and almost 20” since I went LoCo! 


For me the initial motivation was to lose some weight and not feel like getting into my bathing suit was a dreaded event. I also really liked the idea of having some time to myself out of the house (not a common occurrence with two little ones). Not only is camp a fun way to start my morning, but a healthy, positive start that sets the tone for the rest of my day. The satisfaction gained from being disciplined and achieving what I didn't feel was possible in the beginning is pouring over into other aspects of my life now. I want to be better not only to myself, but in all the other aspects in my life. So here is to being fit and many, many more boot camps! 


Camp puts me in a great mood for the rest of the day. I love how everyone works together...it feels like we are family. It is easier to stay motivated when you have an instructor and other people cheering you on. I love the friendly competition with my fellow campers- they make me push myself. I can't wait to read Laura’s e-mails every night. It is great to know that you are cheering all of us on! If you are nervous about doing camp, don’t be! You can do this! Just like everything that is new...it's hard at first...but the results are so worth it. I'm pretty much addicted to working-out now! IT'S FUN! 


Boot camp is like being on a team again- and team sports are always more fun than going solo! The camaraderie by the group is awesome. Those campers push me to do so much more than I think I can. And you Laura are a huge motivator- just when I think I can't do anymore, you come by and push me. Your daily emails are very inspiring, they help keep me in check most of the day. I know that I still have a very long way to go, but I am excited about this journey!


As I sit here after a LoCo workout, freshly showered and ready to face the rest of my night, I realize that I was ready to face my work over-load with determination. I am grateful in that 4 weeks ago, I couldn’t do a push-up, now I can hold plank for almost 60 seconds! So what’s a little extra work in my life? If I can push my body up with my hands, I can certainly conquer a little extra work! It’s all because LoCo's classes have helped me build my strength and helped me center my thoughts. When you are physically strong and mentally prepared it is a bit easier to face a hectic life!

Kim Jones

I can't thank Laura and LoCo enough for starting me on the path to a healthier lifestyle - not only physically, but mentally as well. I not only look better, but I feel better about myself - more comfortable, confident and courageous. Plus, camp is just plain fun and helps relieve/reduce A LOT of stress! If I can take on boot camp, and end up LOVING it, I can take on anything! Proof - I completed the first 5K of my life at age 41 after only my second camp and I'll be doing more! I am also down from a size 14 to a size 6 now, which I've not seen in OVER 5 years. 

Natalie Keene

LoCo changed my life in so many ways. I was nervous, scared, and very insecure my first day of boot camp. I actually said to Laura that I didn't think I could do it. 8 weeks later, 9.75 inches smaller, 7.2 pounds lighter, and so much stronger, I feel great and look pretty good too! Laura is the best! When I have convinced myself that I absolutely can't do any more reps, she encourages me to do 10 more. She coordinates the workouts to each person's individual fitness level. That way everyone gets the great workout they came for. I love LoCo and wouldn't trade it for anything!! 

Rosie Greiner

I'm finally a loser thanks to LoCo Boot Camp! I've lost weight, inches and sizes in my clothes all because I made a choice - a choice to join the 5:45 AM LoCo class. I decided that in snoozing, there's no losing. Join the fun and you too can become a Loser at LoCo.


I thought she was trying to kill me at first but after the first few minutes of shock, I couldn’t stop smiling. Laura had us skipping, playing ball, doing three-legged races, and a whole lot of other fun games that kept us all energized while she was kicking our big fat butts! LoCo will rock your world.


There is camaraderie with the group at boot camp that’s different from being in a class at the gym. You mesh as a group, and the support is phenomenal. You have different sizes, different ages, but we’re all helping each other out. Men and women working as a team; who would have thunk it?! 


What a workout! Lo.Co. is an exhilarating 60 minutes that pushes your body to the limit. Laura’s enthusiasm is the ultimate motivation to achieve your fitness goals. Suitable for all fitness levels, I highly recommend LoCo. Just make sure you bring lots of water! She makes you sweat, even in the winter!


LoCo is above all a lot of fun. Laura delivers a great camp that has helped me increase my strength and stamina. I have especially enjoyed the diverse group of campers – we all help each other meet the challenges we face. Congratulations Laura on the success of your company, I look forward to many more!


LoCo Boot Camp training is definitely the most challenging as well as the most enjoyable group workout I have participated in. Laura provides excellent instruction and motivation to push you to your limit. In addition, training outdoors is way better than the gym. Especially in the Lowcountry! 


If you want to have the challenge of your life, how about transforming your body? I went to LoCo Boot Camp to do just that. It was challenging both mentally and physically. I realized that I had to stay focused to complete physical exercises (yet it was fun at the same time- go figure). These physical exercises were taxing and I felt the muscle burn. I walked a little funny the next day but then I realized that I had the ability to physically accomplish more than I ever imagined. I look forward to work with Laura on this personal positive transformation. Thanks Laura! 


One of the highlights of my day is LoCo. It is fantastic- it is fun, challenging, and different enough every day to keep everyone interested. Laura is well prepared and encouraging, and I’ve learned a lot of exercises that I can do on my own during the week. The camp motivates me to accomplish more than I ever would by myself. My upper body, core, and lower body strength, and my cardio endurance are all improving. I notice results in my regular workouts, my distance running, and the yoga classes I also attend.


I am seeing great results in a short time period that I could not have achieved on my own. Laura does a great job combining the right exercises to achieve maximum results. I could not be more pleased with what I got out of her camp! 


Wow! This lady has changed my life! I thought she was crazy when she said I could do a 5k, but I did it and it was so awesome! Now she has me training for the 15k in Jacksonville! The camp classes are fantastic – the other campers couldn’t be any nicer – and Laura really knows how to motivate you! This camp not only gives you more confidence with how you look and feel but how you act and think! I can’t believe she’s got me considering a half-marathon! 


For a fantastic sweat, and an ALL OVER good time, I highly recommend LoCo. This hour long boot camp will get you in shape faster than anything else! LoCo incorporates a great mix of cardio, functional training exercises, and really fun drills and games. Don’t let my use of the word fun fool you though, this isn’t your average group exercise class, its tough, really tough, and individual commitment, energy, and endurance is certainly needed. Laura is very enthusiastic, has high energy, and she’s excellent at keeping you motivated.