About LoCo Boot Camp

What does it mean to Go Loco? Think of it as personal training with two dozen of your closest (and smelliest!) friends. We come in all shapes, sizes, ages and fitness levels, but we all have one thing in common: the desire to be fit and healthy.

We truly challenge ourselves to maximize our results through ever-changing exercises specifically created to tone, strengthen, increase cardio fitness and burn 600-800 calories in one hour-long session. We thrive on team support and accountability and have a blast with interactive games and friendly competitions. You're gonna laugh your abs off!

LoCo’s workouts deliver time-tested measurable health and fitness improvements which deliver the most effective fitness results in the most efficient manner possible. It takes dedication and hard work, but if you’re willing to go for it, then we are too! When you reach your goals, we reach ours!

To help you reach those goals, we offer you complete flexibility so that you can match your schedule to either of LoCo Boot Camp classes. Register for the camp you think you'll attend the most often, but you are free to enjoy the other camp if that time works better with your crazy calendar.

We’re here to answer your questions and to help you in any way we can. Call 843-540-3064 or email Laura directly at laura@locobootcamp.com.

Laura Morgan

Laura is the owner and exercise specialist behind LoCo Boot Camp. She founded the outdoor fitness company to share her passion for FUN and REALISTIC training, helping people achieve goals that they never thought possible. Laura is a certified trainer by the National Exercise Trainers Association (NETA). Laura knows first-hand the struggles people face regarding health and fitness. As a short lady blessed with a slow metabolism and a genetic predisposition toward obesity, Laura learned early in life that she would have to stay more active than most. Though not born with a runner’s body, Laura began training for her first half-marathon twenty years ago. Since then, she has over 100 races and she has also trained dozens of new runners to help them cross their first finish lines! And, you NEVER forget your first finish line!  Laura’s greatest strength and passion is working with others to help them realize and accomplish goals they never thought they could. Through LoCo Boot Camp, she can inspire people every day to become the person they want to be. Laura wants to be your coach, partner and friend, throughout the journey and help you cross your first (of many) finish lines!